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"I am so very grateful to have found Dr. Steve Cutler. You are undoubtedly the best chiropractor I have ever seen. I am already feeling so much better. I have complete confidence in your work and my healing through your work. Thank you."

Cindy B.

Enormously Helpful

"I have suffered from chronic back pain for over 25 years and during that time I have sought relief from numerous chiropractors. While all have been helpful to some extent, some more than others, none have been as helpful as Dr. Steven Cutler. I have been seeing him now for about three months and my back pain has almost disappeared. He spends considerable time with me, both explaining any questions I have and using a variety of low force adjustments to address my back pain. In addition, he has a special adjustment table that none of the previous chiropractors had that slowly moves and stretches my spine that has been enormously helpful in treatment of my back pain.

Unlike some chiropractors who do a quick adjustment and send you on your way only to come back again and again, Dr. Cutler takes considerable time with his patients and is very knowledgeable, thorough and caring. He took a thorough history of my back pain and took the time to look over the x-rays I brought. In addition to all of that, he is very friendly and a great guy. I highly recommend Dr. Cutler’s chiropractic services."

David G., Fairfax, CA

Pain Relief

"I have experienced much pain relief in such a short time. Intend to continue forever. I’m in the pool 5 days a week and never got relief until Dr. Steve did his magic."

Kathy N.

"Dr. Cutler is a warm, approachable healthcare provider who explains everything he does and his reasons for doing it. I can’t imagine a better chiropractor."

Buff B.

"Dr. Cutler is a very caring person. He listens to you and really can help you."

Kathy M.

"Felt very taken care of."

Janet M.

"I feel that I now have answers to a few issues I have been dealing with. Very interesting and very hopeful. Will see Dr Steve again."

Gwen G.

"Thank you, Steve. Not only does my back and body feel better, but my thinking is more clear after my visit today. Such an improvement!"

Natalie R.

"Steve was my chiropractor in the 1990s and did a very good job. Now that I am working near his office again I have returned for treatment about once a month–a great tune-up to stay healthy!"

Kathleen W.

"I’m very happy with the style of service that I am getting and I felt better right away. I feel as though Dr. Cutler is my style of Doctor."

Christine U.

"So grateful to have found you Dr. Cutler!"

Katie J.

"Dr. Cutler and Donna are awesome! Very responsive!"

Fredi A.